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As a leading provider in the web hosting industry, we have invested heavily in the most reliably cloud system in the world – Microsoft Cloud OS. We believe that stability to our customers is priority, hence we have certified our infrastructure by Microsoft Engineers with hardware provided exclusively by Dell which in turn have been certified by Dell Engineers.





As a company grows, companies are forced to build new data centers or pay a fortune to expand their existing data centers. Cloud allows companies to move their applications to a provider’s infrastructure and save the cost of data center expansion.






The ability to scale on demand is by far the greatest advantage in cloud computing. With the ability to scale, we can greatly avoid the risks associated with traffic overflow causing server failure. Furthermore, scaling on demand can reduce costs as well as enabling the user to reduce excess unused resources. This enables the user with flexibility to use resources when they see fit.





Disaster Recovery

Our cloud is fitted with disaster recovery and is an effective way to back-up and restore content ensuring that your organisation can recover data and implement fail-over measures in the case of any catastrophic event. This allows smaller enterprises the ability to implement robust disaster recovery plans. This in effect will ensure that your business operations are unimpeded with zero downtime.




Flexible Delivery

Business today is a dynamic concept and the cloud allows companies to quickly adjust their resources to match business needs. Cloud hosting offers no lock in contract and is billed with pay-as-you go (PAYG) model. This is a perfect match for industries running project based applications and also a perfect platform for development projects.





Rapid Delivery

Hosting on the cloud allows your team to rapidly deploy virtual machines on demand within 15 minutes. This in turn allows production to start immediately with a few clicks of a button through our Microsoft Cloud OS platform. At the end of the month, you will only receive a single pay-as-you go invoice hence reducing multiple invoices and increasing productivity.




Reducing CAPEX

Many companies today are virtualizing mission-critical applications. To do so, they require virtual machines associated with those applications to run on powerful and resilient servers. Cloud computing gives companies a way to do this without buying new servers as their infrastructure will be managed by Shinjiru. This will free up labour as maintenance and service for on-site servers will be removed allowing IT personnel to concentrate on mission-critical tasks and projects.





Local Support

Here at Shinjiru, we have a dedicated support team for advice and delivery. We strive to offer the best support hence we offer a 30-day free trial as a service to all our cloud customers. If you believe we aren’t good enough for your business, test us and let us build trust with you today!